The PA Series: background

White background, with black text in quote marks "If there's one thing I'm willing to bet on, it's myself"

Over the past seven years of employing PAs, I’ve had some excellent employees, some dreadful ones, and the rest have been somewhere in the middle – with great strengths, but also weaknesses. I’ve also learned that the same is true of me as an employer – there are things I’m good at, but there are […]

Introducing: The Personal Assistance (PA) Series

A black and white image. To the right is a balcony with plant pots and a bicycle. To the left you see a woman's back. She has very curly 'afro' hair and is hoisting me, a white person with dark hair, into an electric wheelchair

I’ve had great feedback from people on my Disabled at Uni series and my Adaptive Product Reviews series, so I’m starting a third. Both of those will be continued, but I’ve found people often have questions about how I manage my social care / NHS care, and it seemed worth starting to write a guide. […]