Compassion: when work stops working

Windows Blue Screen of Death (shown when a computer crashes). The error given is "memory management"

I work. I don’t necessarily have a good work ethic (which I would define as requiring a healthy relationship with one’s time working and not working), but I work. When I’m depressed, I work. When I’m struggling, I work. When I’m anxious, I work. Call this all kinds of maladaptive – when I’m asked what […]

Surviving Inside – fifteen tips on how to cope with self-isolation

Last summer I spent 6 months in hospital. Three months in one room in one hospital, 3 months in one room in another hospital. I won’t pretend I didn’t go a bit mad during this time – clawing at the walls and wishing I could get out more than once or twice a fortnight – […]

Complaining About Access: How non-disabled people can help

Image shows a cartoon that explains the difference between the medical and social models of disability. Specifically, it shows a person in a wheelchair at the bottom of the steps. On the right is a caption saying “they should build a ramp” and on the left is a caption saying that the “impairment is the problem”)

It is a sadly common fact for disabled people (and in the context of this blog, specifically wheelchair users) to be blocked from attending events because of a lack of access, but whenever I discuss this with non-disabled people, they’re shocked that this happens at all. A lot of people fall prey to the Just […]

Wheeled – a poem for International Wheelchair Day

Wheeled I am wheeled. My weightin legs as flesh made solid ashalf dead and halfalive as weakness but I. I – my movement joy. Myleap up jagged kerbs. Myspeed. I trail people; walking –half running. Failing tocatch me. I keep going. I; after your hoursand blisters my battery runsI speed. I swerve. I keepon going. […]

Pacing and priorities: managing energy impairment

A person is seated. A wheelchair headrest is visible behind them. The image is dark, but their hair is a bright blue. Their t-shirt is blace, and says "PISS ON PITY" in bright pink. They are wearing a microphone and glasses.

A friend recently asked me how I manage to not use social media excessively and balance energy requirements to achieve things I want to. In writing up my answer, I thought it might be useful for people other than them, so it became a blog. I deal with quite significant energy limitations. While they’re better […]

Adaption = grief + pragmatism

A black and white image of a young person in a wheelchair. Their head is resting on a wheelchair headreast. They have dark hair and a dark beard, and are wearing glasses. They are white, and they are wearing a black t-shirt with grey lettering, saying "PISS ON PITY"

For me, the hardest thing about living with progressive impairment rather than the static impairment I hoped I had is that shifting relationship with the ground. Just as I know what I can do, and what I can expect, this is thrown into relief by a new problem cropping up out of nowhere. I thought […]

Forced to crowdfund her independence: support Fi’s wheelchair fundraiser

Fi Anderson is fundraising for a wheelchair. To get one that meets her needs, she has to raise £14,125. She’s applied for countless grants, but will still need to fundraise a lot of the cost herself. If you can help by donating, please do so here: If you can’t, consider sharing this. Note: I […]