Adaptive Product Reviews: Wheelchair Edition (Salsa M2)

A young adult with dark red hair is reclined in an electric wheelchair. They are wearing a blue jumper

……….Wheelchair Services have offered my son a Salsa M electric wheelchair. How do you find this wheelchair, and what postural set-up do you use? The parent of a boy with muscular dystrophy asking on a forum for young disabled people I was given this wheelchair by wheelchair services, so I offered to write a comprehensive […]

Adaptive Product Reviews: App Edition (Medisafe, Google Voice Access, Todoist)

……….Which apps do you find most useful as a disabled person? A discussion on a webforum My Android phone is in many ways one of my main adaptive devices – possibly second only to my wheelchair. It substitutes for my hands, my voice, my laptop, and is my main communication with the world. This relies […]

Adaptive Product Reviews – catheter edition (leg bag, night bag, and hanger)

……….I’m about to get a supra-publc catheter. Which leg bags and night bags have people found most useful? A friend Having done a set of reviews of products that are of quite general appeal – wheelchair-related ones – this is a little more niche. When I first got a catheter I had no idea what […]

Adaptive Product Reviews – wheelchair edition (phone mount, drinking straw, coffee cup)

……….Excuse me, but what’s the mount attached to your wheelchair called? Another wheelchair user, stopping me in public I didn’t anticipate ever spending my time writing product reviews, but I’m very frequently asked about three things I use on a day-to-day basis. These are the Meru Flexzi 2 phone mount (wheelchair users often stop me while […]